Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Is My Line Anyway?

I love old game shows, everyone dressed up and freaked out over the possibility of winning a large prize worth $250. One of my favorites is "What's My Line?" more specifically when the panel has to guess which celebrity has come by for a visit. What's My Line? had EVERYONE on its show at one point or another. Here are a few of my faves:

Lauren Bacall

Fred Astaire

Ava Gardner

Bob Hope

Do you have any favorite game shows, past or present?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vintage Here and There

Hi everyone!

Just a little bit of everything here:

Rice Babies is hosting a vintage swap which looks to be fun. It's not a crafty swap so if you love vintage and would like to swap some vintage awesomeness with someone else be sure to sign up! Click the button below for more info:

I FINALLY found some groovy vintage frames and was lucky enough to find an optician in my area that would actually come within 20 yards of them and put my prescription in them. He said they looked to be from around 1954 and had never had lenses in them, excellent shape!

I got them from Ally Scura and FYI if you're looking for frames: This was a great shopping experience AND I paid about 1/3 of what someone else was charging for the same frames on Etsy. Score! I also got a cut and color so I feel much better. LOL

Right now I'm wrestling with the red lipstick I bought the other day. I finally found a shade that actually looks red on me now I just have to get it applied where I don't look like a 5 year old messing in Mommy's make up. LOL

Not much else to report on my end...what are you up to? Any thrilling vintage finds lately???

Friday, March 26, 2010

Someone Has a Brand New Bag...Me!

I made a trip to my favorite chain-type thrift store the other day (NOT Goodwill by the way as I'm still convinced they toss out all of the cool polyester goodness in favor of labels. lol :P) but it's a good one and it's nice and junky. Piles upon piles and racks upon racks of delicious, sometimes half broken vintage-y awesomeness i.e. Maggi's Heaven.

I found a collection of teen fiction from the late 50s, early 60s and look how nice someone was: they wrote the prices on the dustjackets. Wasn't that terribly terribly thoughtful of them? *commencing eyeroll in 5...4...3...2...*
I've started reading "I, Judy" and it's...interesting. First of all, Judy is a real whiner and she's getting on my nerves. She got a spot on the school paper and was all excited till some B*s leave a note on her desk saying how she doesn't deserve to be on the staff and she should quit. So now she's all emo and hates herself. Any chance at all this will end with her tracking down these girls and beating the crap out of them? Okay fine, maybe not beating them up but she better get something out of all of this by the end! So far the best part is when you find out that Judy's mom is a mean yet beautiful "businesswoman" and her best friend Kay's mom is a "frowsy" yet happy housewife. Geez, we can't win here! So needless to say, I will enjoy reading all of these at some point! :D

But my most exciting find of the day was purses! You know, over at Lemondrop Vintage, Marie was talking about vintage purses and I left a comment about how I didn't have any...well, no longer! Behold, my very first vintage purses! *gasp*
Okay so this might look like your typical clutch (it is a Stylemark by Mutterperl bag) but what won me over was the fun stripey lining:

This one is my favorite, so cute and in pretty awesome condition (one little rub mark on the front):

It may not look like much on the outside but for its size, it's the most functional purse ever! Check it out:

How cool is that mirror inside?! No real markings on this one except that the mirror has "Italy" engraved on it and a "V" on the gold embellishments on the front handle. Very cute indeed!

And speaking of even more vintage purse fantastica, Lemondrop Marie is giving some away on her blog! Make sure to enter by March 31st, you can click here for the post: Spring Day and Night Giveaway

Any good finds lately? Do share! :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrapping in the 1930s

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with you a major vintage find (at least for me, lol). On a past trip to one of my favorite vintage haunts, Kitsch-y Cool Vintage I noticed a scrapbook that was marked as being from the 1930s. Being that it was very delicate, I didn't look all that closely at it and left it where I found it.

Sometimes when I find something cool but it's out of my budget or I need to wait to get it for whatever reason, I go by my "Second Time Mine" rule. If it's there the next time I go, I assume that means God wants me to have it. lol So luck was with me when I went back to Kitsch-y Cool the other day as there is was on a shelf: my 1930s scrapbook.

I brought it home, sat down to really look at it and low and behold: it's filled to the brim with clippings of Hollywood celebrities from the 30s/40s. Amazing! There are so many pages with so many pictures, I decided to make a video flipping through it rather than take a picture of every page. :D Even with me talking and flipping as fast as I could, the video is still 4 minutes long (yikes) so please feel free to fast forward, mute my blah blah blah or what have you. lol

I hope you enjoy seeing this treasure!

P.S.-I'm double posting this on my crafty blog, Just Add Glitter and Stir because I'm needing some advice on restoring it so don't feel like you need to comment there if you're already commenting here. :D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Swizzle Me This Batman

One of my newest favorite vintage things: swizzle sticks. Do airlines, hotels, bars and restaurants even make these anymore? I've certainly never seen any as cool as some of these:
This group of lovelies I got from the fabulous Art Deco Dame on Etsy.

Then on my latest trip to Sleepy Poet and the ever amazing Kitsch-y Cool Vintage, I got a bag filled with this awesomeness:
Most I'm going to display here and there around the house and those that are not in such great shape will end up glued to something or other. :)

What have you discovered lately?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Quick Trip

Today I decided to hit up one of my favorite vintage stores. I'm lucky in that it's right up the street from where I live and not so lucky in that it's right up the street from where I live (those of you hard core vintage shoppers will know what I mean, lol). I, of course, had to wear one of my new jewelry sets:
(Whoa, have mercy I need a dye job, STAT! lol)

Once I got to the store, the first thing I noticed was this sparkly cocktail ring the owner made out of a vintage pin:

You know, this store is one of my favorites because it's not a "boutique" where everything is all beautifully displayed with beautiful huge price tags. It has a ton of nice and beautiful things, yes but there's so much of it that the most fun is digging through the piles to find the real treasures. Don't believe me? Here's just one part of the store:
And here's another small angle:

Where are your favorite places to shop for vintage?

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Newest Vintage Obsession

Hi everyone! No post since Valentine's Day....yikes! lol Well, I'll make up for it now because I've got something new to share, my latest vintage obsession: jewelry sets. You know, I've never been a girl that needs the most expensive piece of jewelry. I'm perfectly happy with plastic beads and anything else as long as it's fun and/or sparkly! lol

So here's the first fabulous set I got. This one is from the ultra awesome Etsy shop: Art Deco Dame:

And these next two sets are from a local vintage store that I haunt quite frequently. lol

What is your current vintage obsession?
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