Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of Ponies and Things...

Hey y'all!

Check out what I found the other day in my thrifty travels:

A little bit of Pyrex and a swank looking coffee pot but the most interesting thing is the one to the left: another one of those choppers! For those of you keeping count (why wouldn't you after all?) I now have three of these choppers I found in three different shops in three different colors...I smell a collection coming on! :P

And then, while traversing my basement which is dark and creepy and my husband refuses to go down into (picture me doing an Indiana Jones type cave exploration filled with giant bugs and poison darts that shoot from the walls), I found my My Little Ponies from the 1980s!!!

I've still got my carrying case, 7 ponies, 2 baby ponies, a baby pony buggy and various brushes and accessory what nots. (They all got a bath last night complete with conditioning hair treatment. I figured I owed them.) PLUS I found my Strawberry Shortcake dolls! Oh snap, I forgot to take a picture of those...hang on a sec...

Talk amongst yourselves!

Okay, I'm back! Here they are:

So they are nasty and filthy from being the basement over 20 years (I bought the house I grew up in a few years ago) and I'm not sure why Strawberry Shortcake is topless but there you are! I would assume the rest of their accessories are around here somewhere. I know I've got Raspberry Tart's pet monkey...hmmm... (and where the heck is Blueberry Muffin? That's her pet mouse Cheesecake there right? So I would had to have had her as well, yes?)

Ah well, that's for another day, another excavation I suppose. I can't believe I'm in my thirties and I'm already "vintage". *shudder* Wait, I love vintage! Nevermind, you can call me vintage. :P

Okay, I'm rambling at this point so I better stop while I still have readers...

Have a great weekend! :D
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