Friday, March 26, 2010

Someone Has a Brand New Bag...Me!

I made a trip to my favorite chain-type thrift store the other day (NOT Goodwill by the way as I'm still convinced they toss out all of the cool polyester goodness in favor of labels. lol :P) but it's a good one and it's nice and junky. Piles upon piles and racks upon racks of delicious, sometimes half broken vintage-y awesomeness i.e. Maggi's Heaven.

I found a collection of teen fiction from the late 50s, early 60s and look how nice someone was: they wrote the prices on the dustjackets. Wasn't that terribly terribly thoughtful of them? *commencing eyeroll in 5...4...3...2...*
I've started reading "I, Judy" and it's...interesting. First of all, Judy is a real whiner and she's getting on my nerves. She got a spot on the school paper and was all excited till some B*s leave a note on her desk saying how she doesn't deserve to be on the staff and she should quit. So now she's all emo and hates herself. Any chance at all this will end with her tracking down these girls and beating the crap out of them? Okay fine, maybe not beating them up but she better get something out of all of this by the end! So far the best part is when you find out that Judy's mom is a mean yet beautiful "businesswoman" and her best friend Kay's mom is a "frowsy" yet happy housewife. Geez, we can't win here! So needless to say, I will enjoy reading all of these at some point! :D

But my most exciting find of the day was purses! You know, over at Lemondrop Vintage, Marie was talking about vintage purses and I left a comment about how I didn't have any...well, no longer! Behold, my very first vintage purses! *gasp*
Okay so this might look like your typical clutch (it is a Stylemark by Mutterperl bag) but what won me over was the fun stripey lining:

This one is my favorite, so cute and in pretty awesome condition (one little rub mark on the front):

It may not look like much on the outside but for its size, it's the most functional purse ever! Check it out:

How cool is that mirror inside?! No real markings on this one except that the mirror has "Italy" engraved on it and a "V" on the gold embellishments on the front handle. Very cute indeed!

And speaking of even more vintage purse fantastica, Lemondrop Marie is giving some away on her blog! Make sure to enter by March 31st, you can click here for the post: Spring Day and Night Giveaway

Any good finds lately? Do share! :D


  1. great finds! I laughed so hard at your book synopsis!!

  2. the book recap!!!! LOL!!! And loving that mirror in the purse!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Oh my, yes, gotta love how Thrift stores use oil pens to write the price right on the best vintage boxes, books and packages *rollllling eyes*

    I drove past a "yard sale" near my house which consisted of utter junk and plaster statues and cheap bamboo shelves and wall mirrors from 10 years and and the standard heaps of clothing. There are no good vintage finds around here any more, not even in the Thrift stores... =(

    So I have to go to eBay. But there are deals to be found there, and in the colors and styles I want. =) Just snagged an Eames side chair for $10!

  4. really great finds chica!
    It's hard to shop good vintage in Sweden... I'm thankful that at least one store is coming out with a vintage collection in a couple of weeks -they have a dress that I just need to have!

    -dropping in from sits

  5. It's hard to find good vintage where I live! You found some great items!

  6. Haha, those books sound awesome! I love '50s teen stuff! And the purses are so elegant. Love them!

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  8. I love your book review... Maggi you always crack me up. And such cute purses, love that mirror. Went over to check out the purse giveaway, thanks I totally adore her blog. I think I'm hooked and in love with the straw purse!

  9. Ohh, I love your blog...isn't it so fun to share this crazy passion?
    I love to shop estate sales (I agree with you regarding Goodwill and Salvation Army and only "flooring" the modern stuff with tags) and there a tons by my house.
    My hubby just went yesterday and found a great atomic vegetable tray on a metal stand with legs...I will post pics on my blog...
    I'm so glad I found ya...thank's so much for following me also...this is so much fun!

  10. Oh I've read that one, Judy turns out to be this freakish werewolf, only she doesn't know it yet and it's the rage by all her new found problems that sets off this genteic tic. So come the next full moon she has herself a little furry makeover whilst walking home from work one night. And guess who happens to cross her path? Yah it actually get's quite brutal. Quite ahead of it's time and all that... oh... I hope I didn't just spoil the plot for you Maggi?? *g*

    That second bag is like the Tardis. Waaaay bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. Cool finds :D

  11. The reason the thrift stores write the prices on the cover is so that they can't be resold. I find that highly irritating since it shouldn't by anybody's business what's done with the book after it's sold. Some people use books for altering, too, and having a big old grease pencil price on the cover makes it less than desirable. I have a beautiful vintage alligator bag that I got at an estate sale for $20--I have also been lucky enough to find a Lumford Corde-Bead evening bag (that I took to a Mardi Gras ball, it was that gorgeous!) and best of all, a Nadine Delepine velvet evening bag--it's not vintage but it is so incredibly luscious. My husband can't understand why I keep buying these purses since the only bag I ever really carry is my awesome Betsy Johnson that I got at TJ Maxx for a total steal!

  12. I mus get myself more vintage purses, i don't have enough :) the one with the mirror inside is very cool, that would be so useful for me! x

  13. The two purses (especially the one with the mirror) are fantastic as are the books. Gotta love them. I'm sure I've read Sweet Sixteen...

  14. I get so sad when they scribble all over the dust jackets! and when the price stickers make them rip :(


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