Tuesday, April 6, 2010

With A Cherry On Top

You know, for those that not only enjoy vintage but love to dress vintage as well, it can be hard finding a complete outfit in one place. Typically you spend most of your time finding a dress here, a hat there, some shoes from that guy and a purse from that other guy. Luckily the internet has slimmed down a lot of the vintage "looking to match" time for the most part. I also have to thank the internet for introducing me to one of my favorite online vintage shops: Art Deco Dame.

I have bought from this fabulous shop multiple times and can vouch for her fantastic customer service and quality of items that she sells. But today I'm highlighting her shop as during my last visit to Art Deco Dame, I found all of the pieces to create one complete vintage look. Huzzah!

Let's start up high with this delicious very berry hat:

And then we have the 1980s doing the 1950s with this cute cute cute cherry dress:

And of course we need a darling purse:

Add these golden cherry earrings and pin:

And she even has shoes...in my size! *faint*:

And there, you are instantly fabulous! Oh how I wish I could get all of these amazing things for myself!!! *kicks empty bank account* Anyone out there hiring bloggers? LOL ;) You can visit her blog Pretty Little Things or go crazy in her shop, Art Deco Dame.

What have you found round the 'net lately?


  1. aw I'm blushing!Thanks for liking my shop so much =)

  2. Those are just about "to die for".

  3. that would be a gorgeous outfit!

  4. Oh oh oh that berry hat and delicious cherry dress! Yummy!

  5. What a cute look that would make! :)

  6. Oooh, I love that cherry dress! That is so adorable! The whole outfit is fabulous too.

  7. I love it!!! Oh what a perfect outfit that would all make!! Instantly fabulous indeed!

  8. Oh My... those shoes have been the ones that I've been looking for for a long time and when I found them in Art Deco Dame they were not my size!! Unlukily it's very difficult to find vintage awesome clothing or shoes in my size (believe me I've been looking for a pair of black T-Bar low heels for ages without luck...).
    Anyway, I love your blog and i've just discovered via Nick! :)

  9. That cherry dress is to die for! I love this blog, too. So, now I'm following both your blogs, my dear!


  10. love love love love this!!! when we gonna see a pic of u in it??? :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. That dress is awesome! The red purse would look smashing with it too!! The internet is an awesome way to find great stuff! I've gotten all kinds of shirts I would've never found otherwise. Wish I could buy hats this way, but I've got a face shape that not every hat compliments, so I HAVE to try a hat on first before buying =^(

    BTW.. I love your new avatar. You look SO much different in that pic, I didn't know it was you at first when I saw it on Twitter!

  12. That would be a ridiculously cute outfit! So lovely!

    The shoes are particularly fantastic, but that hat is truly awesome (I love hats!).

  13. That purse is wonderful!!

    Love the shoes too.

  14. Those shoes are fantastic! And so is the dress...I think I'm in love :-)

  15. Those shoes--I love them! *gasp!*


  16. What a marvelously cheerful outfit! I love how you the cherries in this beautiful look seem more sweet and subtle than full on rockabilly style cherries (not that I'm dissing them, it's just lovely to see cherries come across as gentler sometimes too).

    Wishing you a gorgeous Friday & weekend ahead, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

  17. I love the cherries and the pendant and earrings are so charming. Saw the SITS badge and had to comment, but I would've done it anyway because your blog is lovely.

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!


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