Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Wish He Was My Granddaddy...

Hi everyone!

Welcome to part two of my finds while visiting my mom. :D The second day we made a stop at Granddaddy's Antique Mall which is a HUGE antique mall. But before I get to that, I forgot a couple of things that I got from Goodwill that I meant to add to the last post:

I found this kitschy toy and it was too cute to pass up. Toot's not getting this one though, it's going on a shelf in my craft space. :D

This cake plate is just plastic but I thought it was pretty groovy. On to a kitchen shelf it goes! :)

But back to Granddaddy's Antique Mall. Like I was saying, this place is HUGE with a ton of dealers and some really awesome things. (One dealer has the biggest collection of Monkees memorabilia I've ever seen! *drool*) The only problem with this awesome place is that the dealers know what they've got and charge accordingly.

Now, don't get me wrong, I fully support sellers of vintage and believe that you should charge according to the item's value and you should be able to make a profit. HOWEVER, I am poor so it means I miss out on a lot of fantastic things so boo. lol :P But never fear, I was able to add a couple of things to my vintage vanity endeavor. :D Like these powder puffs:

Andddddd this awesome Lady Remington shaver in its original box complete with instructions and cleaning tools:

My most exciting find (at least to me) were these two end tables. Apparently the day before they were $23 a piece but I got lucky and the dealer was trying to get rid of them so I got them both for $25.

Any interesting finds where you are?


  1. Loving those end tables and that Lady Remington! Wow! I wish we had Antique Malls by us. This has to be a southern thing, I saw one on my way to Florida.

  2. I LOVE going to the antique malls. I rarely find good vintage clothing there, but the other goodies are dazzling. LOVE those end tables!

  3. Whoo hoo! I'm looking for end tables just like those in blond wood. Lucky find!

    I agree about sellers of vintage goodies at Antique Malls having every right to charge fair value, but I hate to say it, you can find much better deals on eBay.

    Quite a few Antique Malls have closed down around here due in part to eBay, and because (hate to say it) they charged really high prices for their goods!

    Couldn't a savvy seller make it up in volume if they lowered their prices a bit?

    Maybe I am wrong. =)

  4. i love that cakeplate! how awesome is that? And those end tables are fantastic! My mom had some similar but the wood was a lot lighter I like the dark color. Poor Toot, mommy brings home and new toy and it's not for her!

  5. I have that cake plate! I love that plastic stuff, and I have been finding it! Cool blog. Zootsuitmama

  6. How great is that toy!? You'll have to hide it high to keep Toot away!

  7. such fun fun fun finds....i'm telling U girl...u ever make it to az....we are soooooooooo going to the brass armadillo and melrose vintage....serious YUM! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. I love those end tables and that cute toy (Poor Toot! ;) My, you've been amassing quite a collection of treasures!

  9. I would've kept the toy too :P

    That Toot - I hear she is so spoilt, she wont miss another toy, I don't know what her Mum is thinking keep spoiling her anyway do you?... oh... oops! :P

    (You knows I loves Toot!)

  10. I absolutely love the pink elephant kitschy makes me happy to look at it!!!

    I wish I could play with it, maybe for just two minutes until I got bored and put it back on the vintage toy collection shelf.

    That's what I miss about being a kid...when I was little, that thing would have kept me entertained for hours.

  11. Goodness I had the Remington shaver in Pink!
    Nice blog!

  12. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, you have the absolute best luck with it comes to second hand shopping! I think you've got a vintage shopping leprechaun on your side! ;D

    Maggi honey, today Chronically Vintage is celebrating its 1st birthday, and I really want to thank you straight from my heart for your wonderful comments, support and friendship (you're one of my oldest and dearest vintage blogging friends), they’ve woven together to help make Chronically Vintage the delightful, inspiring place it is. I’m so looking forward to my next year of vintage blogging and of visiting your own marvellously lovely site!

    Massive hugs & thanks,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. Wow... those end tables are to die for!! Would love to place my rotary phone and Ma Bell phone book on one, and my Lava lamp on the other.

  14. great tables! Love when i can find a great deal.

  15. Wow! great finds!

    I had one of those end tables in light blonde about 10 years ago. Unfortunately I wasn't in to vintage then and I tossed it. LOVE yours!


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