Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Own Little Beauty Parlor

**First a big HELLO and THANK YOU to my new followers and brave leavers of comments! lol Welcome to Circle 7-2099, so glad to have you here and I hope everyone is having the best weekend!**

There's a little vintage shop right up the street from my house where I've been lucky enough to get to know the owner a little and boy, do I wish you could come see her shop. It is (quite literally) FLOOR to CEILING everything! lol Antique, vintage, current, she really has a little bit of it all. The last time I was there, I loaded up on vintage magazines and a little piece of perfection: a black 50s dress covered in embroidered cherries. Yesterday I decided to stop in (I had been staying away due to WAY too much temptation, lol) just to say hello and I even made sure Toot was with me so my arms would be too occupied holding her to really look through everything. Fat lot of good that did! LOL

But I'm not going to complain, I found two great pieces that were definitely calling my name! :D The first is a compact from Charles of the Ritz:

Here is the inside, unfortunately the mirror is cracked. Whoever was the bearer of the 7 years bad luck should have made it through by now hopefully. lol I was surprised to find quite a bit of powder still left in it. It looks barely used.

Here is the back with the "Charles of the Ritz" engraving. I've done a little bit of research on this compact and I'm stumped. I found a lot of the black and gold Charles of the Ritz compacts but not much of anything on this particular design so I'm not sure when to date it. Anyone have some info on this one by chance?

Next up was this little box of mystery. (Am I the only one that just HAS to open boxes and cases when shopping vintage??? You have the chance to find the most intriguing things that way! lol )

Fortunately for me, I was richly rewarded for my nosiness...*gasp* Could it be?!?!?! IT IS!

We plugged it in and glorious hot drying air was our delight! You better believe I snapped this baby up! Again, just a bit of research but I found two similar dryers on eBay and Etsy going for about twice what I paid for this one. I'm also not sure about the date for this one. I'm going to say 60s-70s with a chance of 50s? Yes? Thoughts my friends?

So far I've attempted pin curls twice. The first attempt looked great (after about day three, lol) and the second try was an epic fail as I didn't have time to let it dry long enough and the curls went pfffftttttttt all over my head. HOWEVER now that I have this little beauty by my side, that will hopefully be a thing of the past (no pun intended, lol)! Yippee! Now that I think about it, there is actually a total old school "beauty parlor" near my house as well. I wonder if there are some gals in there that can still set a fab 50s bob? Hmmmm, I may have to investigate...

Have you made any heart stopping discoveries lately?


  1. I knew exactly was that box of surprise was as I remember my mom drying my hair riddled with brush 'curlers' as a youngster.

    What great finds!

  2. Gorgeous compacts - it looks very well loved which lets it have a much loved and used history

  3. What great finds, you're very lucky to have a vintage shop near you.
    I adore that compact, i have a bit of a soft spot for them and can never resist buying one if i see them! x

  4. Wow! These are some great finds. I'm glad you were able to get them.

  5. I love shops like that-- and you're right, you HAVE to look inside boxes and bags like that. I work in TV news, and we often get stories of people who find great wads of cash, old family letters, even old dentures inside!!!


  6. Great finds. I have quite a collection of compacts and vintage hair dryers myself--some functional, some not.

    Cute blog! Thanks for visiting Sweetheartville!

  7. VERY COOL finds....I couldn't find anything on that compact either...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. HA! My wife had one of those hair dryers several years back. She used it once a week with big huge rollers. I think hers was was blue.
    Nice post!!

  9. Great finds ! The drier is probably early '60's as we had one very similar !

  10. Great finds ! The drier is probably early '60's as we had one very similar !


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