Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kitchen Kollection

Hey y'all!

Just wanted to share a few new finds with you on this fine Saturday...

I found another chopper! This one is burgundy-ish and has the plastic thingie-do at the bottom to protect the glass:

My mom gave me this steamer out of her collection:

She also gave me this Trav-L-Bar she found a while back:

*Speaking of collections, my mom has the best collection of hats. I've got to remember to take pictures of them to show you.* I found this syrup...uh...container? Pitcher? I'm drawing a complete blank on what this is called and I'm too lazy to Google whatever. :P Anyhoo, it's heavy duty glass and metal, this thing is going to last forever.

I looooooove this popper! It looks brand new, it has a little instruction booklet and the power cord looks like it's never even been plugged in:

Of course part of the reason I bought it is for the groovy picture on the front:

What can I say? I'm a pushover for illustrations. :P So that's it for now! I have been wanting to do an outfit post but the weather has been yuck lately so since I've started vlogging, I may just do a video instead. :D

Have a great weekend y'all! Do you have any vintage type plans?


  1. OK, this is the third pop corn popper one of you has gotten. Now I HAVE to get one of my own!

    Very cool stuff, I love vintage graphics too!

  2. OMYGOSH!!! These are the BESTEST! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. The popcorn popper is a find! When I was in college, I would have starved without one exactly like that. Not only did we make popcorn, but we used it to heat soup and milk, boil eggs, cook macaroni and minute rice. (Of course, cooking in the dorm room was a no-no, but even the RA benefited from it. Note to college kids - make friends with your RA or hall adviser!)

    Because the chopper has the plastic disc, it fairly new. This is the one you can use. :)

    Love the syrup pitcher/dispenser!

    It's funny, but I never thought of the steamer or travel bar as being vintage, but I guess they are! (Sorry for the run-on sentence.)

    Hint: To find free really great vintage and even antique things, ask your "older" relatives what they have that they might want to clear out of their cupboards and closets. But! Be very polite and very careful not to take what another family member might want. (I say this, because my Grandma gave away all kinds of things to non-family members.)

  4. PS: Have to add more about the popcorn popper. We made grilled cheese sandwiches, fried hamburger and ham slices. (We had a small refrigerator in our dorm room.) I'd say it was almost better than a microwave.

    Can you tell I'm excited about your find?!

  5. love your popcorn popper, i make popcorn nightly on the stove top! super fun

  6. You always find the best stuff. I agree with everyone. I love the popcorn popper!

  7. Love the popcorn popper illustration too! It's so fun!

  8. great items Maggi, althought I thought you were suppose to be selling not collecting. lol! love that popcorn popper!

  9. great finds indeed...the popcorn popper is the best.

    no recent vintage finds here lately, i really need to do some flea marketing, i have the itch!!

  10. It seems I am in the same camp as the popcorn popper lovers!! What a neat find! I must put one of those on my purchasing radar as we eat popcorn like it is going out of style!

    My mom had a chopper like that when I was young. I passed over a few of them the other day at the local antique store. They wanted an arm and a leg anyway!!

    I have a few finds to blog about this week also. rare for me over here but I found some.

    enjoy your day!

  11. I always knew there was something missing from my life. I could never figure out what it was. Something that would make my life complete. For years I lived with this sense of longing.

    Then I read your post.

    Trav-L-Bar. I need a Trav-L-Bar. I know that just as soon as I have one, my life will be complete!

    It's the most awesome thing I've ever seen! I have no idea how I ever managed without one!

  12. Ohhhhhh-------i want the travel bar!! I remember that being the first thing mom and dad pulled out of the ca after a long day's drive on family vacations. When I asked for it, they said they had donated it to Goodwill! Heart-broken......

  13. I have one of those steamers! I never knew what the box looked like.. very cool. My mother had it for years and years but when I moved out, she gave it to me. I totally use it all the time! :-)

  14. are those popcorn balls? they look o great - i wonder how they made them back then? i'm picturing melted butter and fluff and food coloring perhaps? mmm!

  15. Note to Ally and other interested people: No butter or fluff or marshmallows on the popcorn, but we did butter our hands.

    We popped the corn and then made a sugar syrup. If using a white sugar syrup, coloring could be added. If using a brown sugar or molasses syrup, no color was added. Almost always we'd get impatient to form the balls and burn ourselves. If we waited too long, then the balls wouldn't stick together.

    If anyone would like to know how to do this, please let me know.

  16. Ooooo... I've been on the lookout for an honest to goodness, vintage traveling businessman, trav-L bar! My old man bought one at the flea market, but tossed out all of the drink ware because he simply wanted the cool case! UGH!!

  17. That thingamajiggy that you called a pitcher is a syrup dispenser that any respectible greasy spoon had on their tables for breakfast ! They actually worked great and didn't get super sticky ! Great find !


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