Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sew Me Up, Buttercup!

Long story short: I have a sewing machine. I don't know how to use the sewing machine.

But hopefully one day I will be able to take some sewing lessons with my long term goal being to sew fabulous clothes from vintage patterns. A lofty yet semi-attainable goal, yes? It's either that or get super rich so I can hire someone to make me an entire wardrobe of custom made vintage repros! LOL

To that end, I've started adding vintage patterns to my collection and have been lucky enough to get the bulk of them for a dollar or two a piece. Some of them are not in the best shape but I think they are just charming. Here are just a few from my current collection. (You can click them to make them larger.)

Do you have any vintage-type goals?


  1. Oh! those patterns are lovely!! Lucky you found them in that price!! Sadly for me I can not find vintage patterns where I live, I have to buy them online and thay are kind of expensive for me. I hope you have the chance to take sewing lesson! I do, and I do it for the same reason as you, I want to sew my own vintage style clothes. =)

  2. Hi - I popped over from Kristen's blog. These are wonderful patterns, and to get them for only a dollar - WoW!

    If I may? - Never cut a vintage pattern. Always trace it to pattern paper or fabric (available from Nancy's Notions, Clothilde, JoAnn's, etc.). If it is already cut, still trace it to lessen the chance of damage.

    Yes, learn to sew. Sewing doesn't save money, but the satisfaction of creating something to wear is worth all the time and effort.

  3. I wish I was a better sewer, but I would love to master more vintage hairstyles! Hope you enjoy your sewing machine!!

  4. Don't fear the sewing machine! Just set aside an evening to play around with it. I was really intimidated by mine for a long, long time. Once I figured out how to use it I realised how utterly fantastic it is!

    I have been known to sew two pieces of waste fabric together just because I think it's fun! :D

  5. My goal to master the machine too but will admit to being a teeny bit scared of it *g*

    My goal is to alter an olde worlde style tunic top that my sister bought me, really long bell type peasant sleeves and everything - it's utterly gorgeous but would look better fitted on the body rather than loose (one of those one size fits all jobs)so that's my goal :o)

  6. I have a similar goal - to improve my skills further so I can actually make a vintage dress from a pattern. And I'll have to use Packrat's tip of tracing the pattern first. :)

  7. I'm learning to sew too! It's a lot of fun, and i can't wait until i make my first dress from a vintage pattern! Good luck with your lessons! xx

  8. I can sew ... i chose not too ! LOL ! I had a HUGE box of patterns that are either buried in the Hellhole under the stairs or I got tired of moving them and never using them .... Dang , I could have sold them and made a fortune ........... well maybe not ass they were from the '70's and older ! Maggi , if I can find them , are you interested in them ? I even have a HOW TO SEW book somewhere ............... I think it is something you would be able to do with no problem ..... and a good teaching book !

  9. Aww the patterns are so cool, love the wedding dress.

  10. Don't be intimidated by the sewing machine - just grab two scraps of fabric and straight stitch them together. Do that enough times and you've got a dress ; )

    I wouldn't worry too much about lessons. While they're great, you can absolutely become a good seamstress without them. Like anything, it's all about practice.

    I'd recommend starting with a simple modern pattern for your first attempt. Something with clean lines and not too fitted - pajama pants are great because even if they turn out a little sloppy you can still wear them without shame. Good luck : )

    If you haven't found a home for those patterns yet, I'd be willing to make you an offer. Drop me a line at if you're interested : )

  11. Sweet girl, we are so often two peas in a pod! Like you I've begun to collect vintage patterns (I have one so far, impressive collection, I know ;D), however I don't have my own sewing machine at the moment.

    I know the basics of sewing, but am not an advanced seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. I truly hope to get a machine one day (hopefully sooner than later) and boast my skills so I can tackle vintage patterns with ease (eventually - I'm a realist :D).

    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend, honey pie!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Love, Love, LOVE your blog!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  13. Did you see my latest post at The Open Window? My dear grandma bought me that machine hoping I would use the skills she KNEW I had..but alas, not so much. I learned in Home Ec class back in the 70's and was really good once I could get the machine threaded, but to me, THAT was the scariest I never sewed again.

    Instead, you guessed it. I started buying patterns, CURRENT ones no less, of things I just loved. I have a gorgeous pattern of a wedding dress that I will never need, but won't part with the pattern! haha

    Anyway...sewing machine is now being used on my cards and I am happy AND...I'm not scared to thread it anymore..after all, the diagram is right on the front of the machine! ; )

  14. Love the scalloped edges on the first and fifth patterns! My mother is amazing at sewing so I've been lazy about learning! But it's always so inspiring to see the patterns and think about all the fabulous clothes you could make!

  15. love the coat one! wow! hope you learn how to sew soon so you can start pumping these out! we need to see some of you in your vintage finds!! post some pics girl!

  16. What wonderful patterns! And I'm a bit 'nervous' around a sewing machine. I just don't seem to have the knack for it.
    I own a small sewing machine for repairing things and that is all I know how to do.
    One day I'll tackle something harder.

    My vintage goal: to buy and remodel a 1969 VW bug. Some day...

  17. oh i have one too with absoultely no idea how to use it either x

  18. Love those patterns....though I suspect I would sacrifice them for papercrafting! I have a sewing machine that is begging me to take some sewing lessons and I do want to learn to sew some clothes as well. As for what I like that's vintage?? Vintage trims & jewelry I adore!! :>

  19. Lovely patterns! I'm starting to try and make my own clothes too, although I'm having less luck on finding patterns as nice as those - although I have a few! Good luck with learning how to use the sewing machine :)

  20. You will love sewing!! Showing my age here but I can recall seeing those patterns before....but again I come from a family of sewers.My Grandmother never used pattern still amazed with her gift of doing that!!


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