Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avon Calling!

Ah, Avon. This company has been around since 1886 and was created slightly by accident. Its founder was actually a door-to-door book salesman that would include perfume as an extra to get women to buy his books. Pretty soon the women were only interested in the perfume and thus an icon of in home cosmetics marketing was born. Click the ad for larger size:

**This is an ad from my personal collection, scanned in just for you! Feel free to snag this ad FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY! No big and bad terms of use and you don't have to link back to me just please do not sell this article as part of a clip art CD or anything like that. I will send the Avon Ladies after you....and it will hurt. :D Also, please make sure to save it to your own computer! Photobucket has started charging for bandwidth use overage-BOOOOO-urns. Thank you!**

So many pretty things about this ad from the July 1955 issue of the Ladies' Home Journal, including the lovely lady at the bottom that looks quite like Julie Newmar (not her it?) And of course, if the wife of a senator is buying Avon then it must be good, right? lol


  1. That's a fantastic ad. I have a 1951 issue of Woman's Day that has an Avon ad in it, it says something like "When the Avon lady calls, welcome her in!"
    Avon's make-up is great, even today! :P

  2. My mum used to be an Avon lady! I used to love it when the big boxes of goodies arrived at our house- nothing for me most of the time though hehe!
    That's a lovely ad, i like the hat the woman on the right is wearing. xx

  3. Just found your blog and I really enjoyed my visit. I plan on returning when I can stay a while longer. BTW I was an Avon Lady in the 70's. I wish I had saved some of my old catalogs.

  4. 1886??? really?? wow!!! i didn't know that!!!! i only wear "rare pearls" perfume by fave! :):):):):) and not sure if that's julie or not???? :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I sold Avon in the early 80's and still went door to door! At some point after that, I started collecting Avon bottles and jars. I sold the collection long ago, but do continue to pick up little things that I like at yard sales and flea markets.

  6. Beautiful ad! Avon always makes me giggle at little bit thanks to Edward Scissorhands, but I've gotten some great stuff from them!

  7. What a fantastic ad!

    I remember growing up that my my mum said that if an Avon Lady ever showed up at our door, I wasn't to answer.

    I was never told why. Nor did I know what an Avon Lady was.

    As a result, I was terrified. I imagined that they were evil demons who stole children.

    To this day, I'm still scared of Avon Ladies.

    I have Avonladyaphobia.

  8. What a funny history! I never knew that about Avon. But Avon always makes me think of Edward Scissorhands!

  9. Hello Maggi Dear,
    Avon calling...LOL. I did not know this is how Avon got started. This is so kool.So a man started it huh? It figures. Love the ad,So neat.I was an Avon Lady when I was younger.I didn't do to well.I had a rual route.I do wish they would bring back some of the older sachets,like Here's my heart or Somewhere. You would think since they were most poplar they would be still here.Thank you Maggi for stopping by with your sweet self,
    I wish this new year will bring you all the best it can offer Hon,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  10. I remember the area Avon lady knocking door to door in the 70's. My grandmom had the perfume shaped in different bottles, like cars or ladies made of, that takes me back.

  11. my mom still buys Avon every now and then... usually get a little something at Christmas, but not this year.
    But for whatever reason, I could only think of Edward Scissor Hands when I read the title. lol!

  12. I love it! and she does look like Julie Newmar.

  13. Oooohhh, I had no idea Avon hailed all the way back to the 19th century, what a marvelous snippet of trivia. I would jump for joy if I could find a vintage Avon catalog from the 50s (or earlier, assuming they existed that far back).

    Maggi dear, I really want to extend my sincere thanks to you for your lovely comments this month. I apologize if it sometimes takes me a wee bit of time to return the visit and enjoy the delightful beauty and inspiration of your site. Please know that I always appreciate your visits and the thoughts you share with me so very much!

    Oodles of hugs & wishes of happiness,
    ♥ Jessica


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