Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Cashmere Bouquet Day!

Now what is a vintage magazine without an ad for Cashmere Bouquet? And on this Valentine's Day what could be more appropriate than a bed of roses? Thank goodness the July 1955 issue of the Ladies' Home Journal is there for us!
**This is an ad from my personal collection, scanned in just for you! Feel free to snag this ad FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY! No big and bad terms of use and you don't have to link back to me just please do not sell this article as part of a clip art CD or anything like that. I will send the thorns after you....and it will hurt. :D Also, please make sure to save it to your own computer! Photobucket has started charging for bandwidth use overage-BOOOOO-urns. Thank you!**

Ahhh..."the sheer luxury of having every inch of you soothed and sweetened with Cashmere Bouquet talcum powder..." What a delightful tag line! Does anyone use talcum powder anymore? I can remember my mom having talcum and me playing with it when I was a kid. I always felt so fancy when I would smack myself in the face with the powder puff just like they do in the Muppet Show. lol

Cashmere Bouquet is the name of an actual flower, also known as Rose Glory Bower, Mexicali Rose, or Mexican Hydrangea.
(Picture from Davis Wiki)

Here's wishing you a day of sheer luxury!


  1. I still use talcum powder after i shower/bath (apart from my legs which i moisturise) and i love that smell that just seems to hang around you!
    I have never heard of a cashmere bouquet flower before, it certainly sounds very luxurious! xx

  2. My mam swears by talc still, I know you can still get it in a few shops but it's dying out. Yardley still make and sell a load of it too. I don't use it myself, but they always do smell yum

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Maggi!

  4. If baby talc counts then yes I nab some of Rubys after a bath :P I love the smell and like you it reminds me of my Mum who used it all the time :)

    Happy Valentines Day Maggi.

  5. loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that ad....and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm u need to check my latest blog post....cuz someone named maggi is a WINNER! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Thank you SO much for evoking a wonderful memory for me.

    The first craft I really ever remember doing was when I was 13 and had come down with a horrible case of the chicken pox.

    My grandmother, who had always had these lovely, bead and sequin-adorned bars of soap in her bathroom, thought it might be a nice idea for me to make some. So she bought me all the 'makins' to get started...plastic 'star' beads, sequins and pearl-drop- headed pins....the soap, you guessed it...Cashmere Bouquet!

    Quite frankly, they were really gaudy in hindsight, but when I made them, I had created a work of I long for those days once more...sans chicken pox!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day.

    Thanks for the memories - hadn't thought of Cashmere Bouquet in years.

    I still use powder!

  8. Cashmere Bouquet reminds me of my grandmom...she used it and I still remember the smell.

    I still love powders. So pretty.

  9. Oh wow...So glad you left a comment for the What is your fave thing giveaway..... I love your blog. Hope you have a fabulous Valentines day. Hugs,Amy

  10. I'll have to ask some family to see if they use talcum powder. I've never bought or used it before, but I can see where it would be loads of fun to play around with!

  11. Sounds very luxurious! I love the ad - I'd definitely buy it!

  12. Darling I am ashamed to admit that I had not noticed that you have a vintage blog as well. I just joined your followers and I am off now to see what I have missed.

    Love & Hugs

  13. Oh I love vintage ads. I've collect a few...just got to frame day!

    Hope Tootie is going great.

    I couldn't believe that Brad didn't pick anyone. My gosh, so so shocked.

  14. LUSH has some great after bath dusting powders. I LOVE their Candy Fluff! Maybe because it has a little sparkle in it as well as smelling good. LOL!

  15. Hi Maggie, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    OMGOSH!! i swear i can smell CB right now!! nightmares!!!! LOL
    Love your blogs. Will pop by again soon!

  16. Love the ad!! Sounds enchanting...

    I'm love your blog, as I adore all things vintage!

  17. Love this! Off to read some of your earlier posts....

    Happy Thoughts!

  18. Hello Maggie!!!,I'm so happy to be back blogging and seeing your pretty face.Missed you much.
    I still love talc.I haven't seen this bland for awhile ,do they still sell it.I bought some old Chantilly poder and the orignal Ambush off ebay not long ago.I wish they would bring bach the orignal Ambush perfume.The new version stinks.
    Anyway your post is just to wonderful.Now I'm going on an old casmier B hunt.I loved that as a kid also.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day!

  20. Well guess what I bought today..
    TALCUM POWDER!!! Club man's Talc to be precise. My Dad was a barber for 30 years and he always finished off his haircuts by dusting male patrons necks with some.

    The smell and quality of Club man talc stuck with me and I've bought it for myself for the last 20 years.

    You just may have inspired a great blog topic. Thanks sweets!!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing
    this is a lovely post
    hugs June xxxxx

  22. They still make Cashmere Bouquet talcum powder and soap and I use them both. I love the smell and it reminds me of my grandmother's bathroom.


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